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Guangzhou thaw letter century financial service company is professional of Guangzhou short-term loan company, focused Guangzhou medium-and long-term loan, and Guangzhou low rate loan, and Guangzhou venture loan, and Guangzhou mortgage consumption loan, and Guangzhou short-term borrowing, and Guangzhou needed small loan, and Guangzhou needed money small loan, and Guangzhou consumption loan, and Guangzhou personal consumption loan, business, we of business personnel, all are is financial, and investment, and management, and financial, aspects of professional talent, they not only solid capable, seeking, and special dedicated. This guarantee of excellent service quality and efficiency. Can provide customers with accurate, comprehensive, professional, high quality capital market solutions and benefits programmes. The company has always been adhering to the "customer first, service-oriented" service concept, with a number of financial institutions have established a good partnership, and has a high quality and professional service team, team members a wealth of bank credit, guarantee, mortgage, investment, Internet financial work experience and we provide fast quality service guarantee. The company has consistently adhered to "customer needs is our loan products" innovation purposes, in the practice of financing continue to enrich our products and services, and strive for SME customers in Guangzhou private owners to provide efficient, professional and friendly financing and advisory services