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Program introduction

Counting three application channels in consumer loans and the crowd

"Spending tomorrow's money and enjoying life" become many people's consumption concept. In this environment, mortgage and unsecured loan products on the market. Borrower and what choices? Rational sigh "wild flowers to beautiful eyes, loan product is so hard." Perceptual means "looking for loans, I only know the banks." Which makes more sense? The best may not be the most appropriate, unless you qualified hard enough. Next, we subordinate agencies to classify loans on the market and see which lender is best for you to work.
due to the lower cost of bank loans, the preferred channel for the vast majority of users will be treated as a loan. But because the Bank has a relatively strict examination and approval system, so not all borrowers can well be credits. Mortgages, Bank auditing is the housing of housing mortgage qualification, such as most of the Bank provides mortgage loans mortgage, age not more than 20 years, is located in the city center, more than 50 square meters in size, liquidity is strong, can include housing, shops, offices, villas, etc. Age restrictions for mortgage, years of short, in the case of other conditions, the loan percentage is relatively higher, but the maximum amount is usually less than 70% of the assessed value. In addition, borrowers who have a steady income, but generally does not pay excessive demands.
in terms of unsecured loans, the Bank first focused on borrowers ' qualifications, of course, if the borrower is able to provide housing, cars and other assets (no mortgage), or for the stability of occupational group, would be considered a plus by banks, enjoy a corresponding system of preferential interest rates, or increasing the loan amount. But since there is no mortgage, Bank auditing is the borrower's personal qualifications. If the borrowers can meet a steady income and home ownership, credit or good for punch forms, is a decent income, wages and other conditions, in General, from bank loans is not a problem. Line of credit is generally about 10 times the borrower's monthly income. But the costs tend to be higher than mortgages.
Bank/> Bank loan organizations in most financial institutions lending, including P2P network, loan companies, microfinance institutions, mortgage, consumer finance companies, insurance companies, and so on. Compared with the characteristics of the low interest rates of bank loans, such loans organizations are not competitive. But their greatest advantage is that we can meet the most were denied loans by banks the financing needs of the user. In other words, apply a lower threshold of such loan products, borrower's income, payroll, credit status, qualifications, no excessive demands for housing. In addition, the process is relatively simple, lending fast speed naturally. Overall, suitable for inferior or needed money as the user application.
most cases, guarantees the company acts as a "Savior" role, helping problem users weather the "financial crisis". In General, more than 90 days overdue, difficult lender approval, but as long as collateral, partial guarantee company to pay returns as the premise, to lend a helping hand.
in addition, the guarantee company can help users solve their loans with the Bank. Focus on problem users and "perfectionism" two user groups. Problem user, loan or real estate property types of irregularities, application materials are incomplete, will guarantee the company's relaunched with the help of smooth credit. "Perfectionism", bank mortgages if too slow, you can find a security company for urgent operations; too low credit lines, you can find intermediate to full operation; too mortgage processing problems, you can take the "trivia" to guarantee company grant. BACK