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Pledge to "lend" reasonably required three

Mortgage loan means the lender under the guarantee Act pledge to take the borrower or a third person movable property or rights as collateral on loans. Can do loan items include deposit, policy, Treasury, wealth management products right to benefit from vouchers. Understandable, mortgage loans can help borrowers reduce pressure on cash-strapped, but has the advantages of low interest rates and loan fast. But how can mortgage "loan" was reasonable? There are three main considerations require that you look down.
some of the collateral of the borrower, such as certificates of deposit can be cashed in advance so that there is a "is early withdrawals of deposit or by loans backed by deposit receipts" option. If want to make sure that should or should not go to loans, comprehensive deposit may wish to store the length of time, deposit rates and lending rates three factors calculated by the following formula, early withdrawals actually deposits worth for loans paid off.
ahead of drawn of loss = CDs amount x regularly deposits interest rate x has save term-CDs amount x current deposits interest rate x has save term loan more paid of interest = loan amount x loan interest rate x loan term-CDs amount x regularly deposits interest rate x deposits term as this formula calculation, dang loan more paid of interest is greater than ahead of drawn of loss Shi, should ahead of drawn CDs; and Dang loan more paid of interest is less than ahead of drawn of loss Shi, on should handle pledge loan.
for the term of the loan, banks usually does not exceed the collateral maturity date, and not longer than one year. If multiple and multiple pledge, the time to maturity of the most recently determined term of the loan. At present, the Bank's benchmark interest rate of one-year and six-month loans (currently most banks benchmark interest rate for loans backed by deposit receipts), biannual (inclusive) period to one year and six months (inclusive) interest rates are 5.6% and 6.06%. If the loan of 300,000 yuan, Yuan more than a year would vary more than 1380. Therefore, the loans if the borrower is used within the one year period, even if more than six months, 8 months, 9 months, 11 months, we recommend credit for half a year, to renew a loan six months after the expiration, this reduces the number of interest payments.
because the maximum loan amount will directly affect the borrower's loan interest payments, therefore, borrowers, even in the case of a pledge of collateral sufficient (loan amount does not exceed the deposit amount 90%) or to the own funds sufficient for the loan amount and the standard, or multiple loans rather than have to pay more interest on loans. Also remind the borrower is, in the case of insufficient collateral pledge, better contrast more than bank mortgage rates, some banks for collateral 80% of the amount, some banks are 90% or higher. Add optional to pledge the highest rate of banks, so as to meet the requirement of your loan more money. BACK