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Rapid development of small loan companies helping entrepreneurs

on May 4, 2008, the CBRC and central banks jointly issued the guidelines on pilot small loan companies, which defines the nature of a microfinance company, and the company's establishment, funding, investment, regulatory and termination provisions such as links. Since then, microfinance companies achieved legal status in China. Just a few years, microfinance companies have helped millions of people, it also developed rapidly.

a microfinance company in Qingdao, who had just stepped out of the University of Mr Wei offered a 200,000 yuan of liquidity. Xiao Wei chose to start their own businesses after the College graduate, opened a sporting goods shop in Taobao just 1 year reach Crown level and favorable rate higher. It is understood that Xiao Wei won the qualification of a well-known sports brand in the world of sales. Based on Mr Wei character recognition, network, business reputation and business model, coupled with his friend friendship guarantees the microfinance companies are willing to pay for him to open up the market, reasonable extension management scale to provide booster. So, the company has offered 200,000 yuan Xiao Wei Qingdao personal credit loans, this short-term loan interest rates only slightly on the basis of benchmark interest rates float. Scheduled repayment after 5 months, but Xiao Wei in less than 4 months of age are also on the principal and interest.

across the country, there are plenty of stories like Qingdao, this is due to the result of the rapid development of a microfinance company. Due to the small loans mainly for small and micro businesses, low-income groups and individual farmers, such rapid development of financial institutions, to protect the economic interests of low-income groups and improve employment levels, economic power, promote the steady and healthy development of the national economy. Statistics show that since its 2005 opening micro-credit pilot in China, 2005 number of MFIs is less than 10, but in 2009 has exceeded 1000, until the end of 2011 has exceeded 4,000, provinces and regions throughout the country. China's microfinance companies have nearly 6,000, the loan balance is more than 540 billion yuan. November 16 in China's microfinance institutions and co-sponsored by the "China Forum on small and micro finance 60 people", China's microfinance institution Joint Committee Secretary-General, the people's Bank of China introduced financial consumer protection Bureau Jiao jinpu, up to now, China has nearly 6,000 small loans companies, nearly 150 billion yuan in new loans, the equivalent of a midsize commercial bank lending.