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Program introduction

Internet financial "three horses" coalition under the low-key entrepreneur

on August 25, China ping an Chairman Ma mingzhe confirmed at a press conference in peace and Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma, Tencent Board Chairman Ma Huateng, establish joint venture to test the waters of Internet financial news.

"three horses" Coalition made China's financial circle and the Internet all came alive. This means that finance has entered a new era of the Internet.

in fact, as early as "three horses" founded a joint venture company, financial innovation in the use of the Internet for domestic companies have emerged. To raise 360 ( ) as the representative of the financing loans vertical search platform has long been sought after by top international venture capital.

after 360 is the first one to meet the personal and business loans needs financial search platform. After 360 platform, user search to find and compare bank credit to suit your product. In China, both financing and the individual consumer loan demand has the momentum to rise year by year. In this area, to the user, how to find the most suitable loan product is difficult; for banks, the proposition is how quickly their target users and docking. For these two groups, information is often asymmetrical. After 360 appeared, created the conditions for direct contacts and matching of supply and demand of funds.

thaw 360 of mode actually is financial field of "Baidu", himself not participation trading, but introduced diversified of bank products and large bank business personnel, let user and business personnel directly contact docking, build a full of meet user and Bank needs of financing loan products direct platform, on loan user completely free, let user through search on can gets more high price of financing loan products.

founded in October 2011, launched less than a year, and subsequently recruited a huge user and have access to hundreds of banks and financial institutions, opened in 12 cities across the country. In tightening monetary policy, SMEs in General encounter loans, individual consumers under the environment of increased demand for mortgages, car loans, after 360 users, and individual users for SMEs help, solved difficult to get funding, lack of transparency and many other problems. This pattern is also sought after by top international venture: it is learnt that after 360 in March 2012, has a low profile has completed a round of financing by three famous VC investment.

for the majority of Internet users, Internet financial means more than online payments in the future, online buy insurance products, even for consumer loans, business loans will become a universal behaviour. For most users, home loans, car loans may be the largest financial transaction of their life. Like a melted 360 this financial value created by the search company will emerge more clearly.