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Program introduction

Business loan approval depends on five principles

apply for business loans through banks authorized for approval, how can through a loan approved?
1. responsible: borrowers in charge with their family, education, social background, trade credit and lawsuit information, assess the character (good faith) and responsibility.
2. business: the profitability of enterprises (in particular business interests) measure of business capacity; moderator or senior cadres have not enough experience and expertise; succeeded by operators of the future planning of cultivation and industry job. 3. Bank reconciliation: there is no honesty or poor credit records and bank balance; there is no cooperation provision of credit information.
3. funding: funding enabled program is lawful, reasonable and fair and in line with policy.
4. source of repayment: source of repayment is a prerequisite to ensure that credit claims cost recovery element. Analyzing borrowers credit sources is the core Bank assessed credit.
5. credit Outlook: a borrower and borrowers themselves on the future of the future of the industry development and analyze the risks and benefits of a measure and the decision.

If the business applicant banks can provide a full range of information, bank credit investigations be completed within two weeks, according to the five principles, we can decide whether to grant loans.