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Program introduction

Teach you how to improve personal unsecured loans

personal unsecured loan because of its simplicity, process quickly and solves the problem of difficulties in financing to a large extent. But pure lines of credit because the lower, larger is difficult to meet the funding needs of the user, how to improve the personal unsecured loan credit became a problem.

it is reported that currently offer unsecured loans of banks such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Nanjing Bank and Ningbo Bank, ping an Bank, Bank of China and other banks, small loan companies and online lending platform offers free mortgage business. Although many banks loans pretty much the same. Demand for water are not high wages but larger borrowers, how to improve the amount of unsecured loans? After 360 recommendations, you can take the following approach:

one is to maintain a good credit record. Personal credit history more attention by lending institutions such as banks, accepted loan applications, will review the borrower's personal credit report, credit status to determine whether to lend. The key factors affecting personal credit records and overdue credit card loans were overdue. If good personal credit record, the Bank will give a higher loan amount, usually can reach about 8-10 times times the individual wage. In normal times, borrowers are required to carefully maintain your own credit, in full and on time to pay credit card debts or loans, timely write-off of long-term use "hibernate".

Second, if the organ, large State-owned enterprises, Fortune 500 employees to reply personal wages 10 times or more of water. The reason, is also relatively simple, unsecured loans is based on the personal credit of the security, the stability with high requirements on personal income. Groups such as civil servants and institutions than the average small business employee income is more stable, strong and stable even without collateral, is not easy to defaulting on their loans.

third, if you have property, you can provide a certificate, limit has increased. Certificate of no mortgage, after copying the original away.

in addition, the low personal debt ratio are important factors affecting the lines, if borrowers have mortgages or car loans, banks will generally ask for the old and the new mortgage amount cannot exceed the monthly income and 50%.