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Recycled CITIC Bank to launch personal loans

a few days ago, China CITIC Bank to launch personal loans to help small business owners, individual solutions for the pressing need.

according to reports, China CITIC Bank personal loans provide investors with a convenient financing channels, used to supplement enterprise working capital, expansion. This loan is convenient: as long as customer information submitted is complete, usually 10 working days from the survey can be completed to the lender CITIC Bank all processes. This flexible loan: for most mortgage loans, with a mortgage, funds can be used an unlimited number of times within a certain period the working capital cycle, money, available to borrow, which reduce the loan interest; a variety of repayment options, customers can according to their own needs, free choice; a variety of security, China CITIC Bank according to the customer needs to provide exclusive financing scheme and other personal financial services.

compared with the corporate-oriented corporate finance products, China CITIC Bank personal loan personal credit for the principal operators, provided the borrower ID card, business certificates, proof of ability to repay, loan, and other materials you can apply for. CITIC Bank will be controlled according to the borrower's credit and enterprise assets, production management, and ability to repay, guarantees, loan use aspects to determine the loan amount, no limit to the amount. Such as the use of real estate mortgage loan amount of up to 70% per cent of the value of the mortgage.